It’s rare enough seeing these for sale in Japan but this ‘71 Honda 1300 Coupe 9 currently for sale on eBay must be pretty much unique in the States. The Honda 1300 was not only Honda’s first regular sized car, it was quite technically unconventional back when it was launched in 1969. The transverse engine, front wheel drive layout would become commonplace later but the choice of an air cooled four stroke, four cylinder with dry sump lubrication was really out of the ordinary, as were the quad carburettors fitted to Coupe 9 models. The coupe version was sold as the Coupe 7 or the more powerful Coupe 9, the latter having the quad Keihin carburettors in place of the formers single…

The engine featured what was known as Duo Dyna Air Cooling, which was essentially a fan fitted to the flywheel which drew the air though a void created much like the water jacket on a conventional water cooled engine. Once the air used to cool the block had passed though it was warm and along with additional air drawn from around the exhaust manifold, was used to heat the interior of the car. Incredibly, this little 1300 engine had a claimed output of 115hp at 7300rpm in the Coupe 9 (100hp for the Coupe 7) which was amazing by comparison with other cars of similar capacity back then.

Suspension was a little bit unusual too, featuring  conventional Macpherson struts up front but a curious full width swing axle arrangement in the rear, suspended by half elyptic leaf springs. Steering was by rack and pinion and disc brakes were standard on the front as was dual circuit braking. A cable driven tacho and push button radio were standard equipment inside .

The 1300 in both saloon and coupe form remained in production until 1973 when it was superseded by the little changed but now water cooled Honda 145. The 145 was far from successful and went on to sell less than 10,000 units. The new water cooled Honda Civic had already arrived by this point, overshadowed it sportier stablemates and went on to be a world beating small car. Amazingly the Honda 1300 coupe was marketed in the UK, but undoubtedly in very small numbers. I’ve no idea if any survive here now. The UK registered one pictured below is almost certainly long gone…

To see the original eBay listing for the blue 1300 coupe go HERE (ends April 8th). For more on the story of the Honda 1300 development and launch check out Honda own history site HERE.

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  1. burabuda says:

    here’s an interesting historical “connection”: the 1300’s english language brochure features pics of taken near long beach harbour, which is about 20 mins. from where the eBay car is located.

    the fact that the car was never officially sold in usa is another matter

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